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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Why are your prices so low? Are these really made from Alpaca?

YES!  There are a number of reasons for the low prices at Fancy Fiber Farm. We are a fully running Alpaca Farm and Mill. We raise our own animals and shear our own fiber, so we have very low overhead. We buy fiber at a bulk rate from small farms and process it in the mill. We only bring in products that we ourselves cannot produce. We get our items at such a great price that we pass that on to you our customer. We do carry some items that are blended fibers or made from other fibers and materials and those items are noted in the descriptions of the products.


2.     Do you WHOLESALE items?

We don’t advertise direct wholesale, however many of our items can be purchased larger quantities at a reduced price. If you are interested in a large quantity for resale or another use, and you do not see a price break listed for quantity please email us directly for more information.


3.     Can you send me a sample of your merchandise?

 Yes!  If you are interested in our fibers, yarns, products we can offer some product samples. This may not be true with all of our items but where possible yes we can offer samples at a small fee. If you are looking for resale items and want to try out a mix we can offer low cost Sample Packs for alpaca items, Please email for more information


4.     Where do you obtain the merchandise?

 Our alpacas, our raw and processed fiber is all local, grown right here on the farm or purchased from local farms across Oregon and Washington. Our craft kits and unique dyed fibers and needle art is created here by us and local 4H kids learning the crafts. Currently most of our alpaca merchandise is purchased direct from a few small families in Lima Peru.


5.     Do you have references?

 Yes. We can offer you email addresses of clients as references. 


6.     What types of payments do you accept?

 We accept cash, checks, cashier or bank checks, and money orders via mail to our address in Washington. Click the Contact Us menu button for the complete address. When sending a check the money must clear the bank before your order will be shipped. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and electronic check transfers via PayPal. We also accept any method that Google Checkout supports. We're exploring yet other avenues of payment.


7.     Are the Alpacas harmed in the making of your products or processing?

Most commonly alpaca products are made from the fiber of the animal, shearing them yearly provides this fiber. The alpacas are not harmed in the shearing process. They are shorn after the last chance of frost and before the heat of the summer begins, this protects the animals from heat stroke, and makes them more comfortable in the hot weather. All of our alpaca hide items come from naturally fallen animals. An alpaca is worth much more alive, with repeated shearing, than from the one time money its hide can bring. In South America there are laws protecting these animals from slaughter for product.


8.     Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Dennis Parker is the creator of this web site, and co-owner of Fancy Fiber Farm. You can contact him directly at Kim Lynch is the buyer as well runs the mill and classes at Fancy Fiber Farm, also the co-owner. You can contact her directly at Our Customer Service is You can also check out the Contact us link, and About us page for more contact information.


9.     Do you ship worldwide?

 Yes! We currently offer international shipping. Please check the shipping Policies page for more information about charges and shipping options.


10.  Can we visit your farm/mill… tours and see the alpacas?

YES! If you are going to be in the area, please send an email and arrange a visit. We can also arrange visits and tours for your group, both adults and children. Our mill does not currently have consistent business hours so please arrange your visit ahead of time with Kim.


11.  Do you have an open store?

YES! We currently have a gift store open in the mill. If you would like to come see items please arrange a visit since our store does not currently have set operation hours. You can contact Kim to arrange your visit. 




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