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Fancy Fiber FarmSituated on 27 beautiful acres, Fancy Fiber Farm has recently opened our fiber processing mill. Our clients are enjoying the benefits of having a local mill that specializes in alpaca and llama fiber processing. Taking what too often has been an under utilized, but still valuable, product from their precious animals and putting money in their pockets.

Here you will find information on how to become a client of Fancy Fiber Farm's mill, products made from alpaca fiber for sale, information about the alpaca industry in general, and other services that we provide.


Alpaca SmileTake a look around and you will find that there are some great alpacas for sale on the site as well. When you buy an alpaca from us, you automatically become a client of the our mill as well. We pride ourselves on the training our alpacas receive while they are at our farm and all of the alpacas are trained to walk on their leads, generally desensitized and more.   

We also have a store on-site and of course here online. Take a look at all of the fine products that can be made from alpaca fiber! Schedule some time to come by for a visit and a tour.  



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Questions? Ask us live!
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